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We help you become the best version of yourself !

At VcareTechs, we help you realize your strengths by presenting you with the opportunities.

We are passionate about our work and so will be the future you at VcareTechs !

We have the inner drive that helps us move ahead of times and that is what we try inculcating in our team. At VcareTechs, you will learn to channelize your passion.

We let you explore, experiment and express !

We believe in believing our people. Our team is free to put forward their ideas that can shape the world for a better tomorrow.

Why VcareTechs?

In Mufti

No formal dress codes! Employees can wear casual clothes rather than formals. Because, each one of us is free to choose and wear comfortable clothing.

Entertaining Intervals

We believe in facilitating essential intervals including board games, quality leisure discussions, icebreakers, yoga/fitness sessions for stress free work environment.

In-House Catering

Our employees have right/are liberal(or any other suitable term) to relish tasty and healthy home cooked lunch! Hassel free facility like In-House Catering is a convenient option for employees.

Team Outings

VcareTechs is a family of consistent and dedicated employees who deserve their share of fun and relaxation including casual outings for lunch, beer parties, outstation trips and much more.

Open – Door Policy

One doesn’t have to wait for long hours to meet their superior! Any employee of VcareTechs can simply knock in and meet seniors or colleagues without any formal meeting request!

Gratified Earned Leaves

We ensure to notify our staff about how to avail and earn these leaves to the best of their requirement.

Medically Insured

Our staff is medically insured, and we have a strong eye to their medical facilities ensuring their healthy and safe future!

Open Culture

At VcareTechs, individuals work in a free and happy state of mind, they have a good understating with their managers which further builds a good team and a successful organization.

Flexible Working Hours

We do not emphasize on a strict 9 to 5 schedule as we are quite flexible when it comes to completing working hours!

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