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Kratikal ensures that the Banking and Financial Services Institutes are always ahead of the time in providing security to their data, maintaining compliances and responding to threats.


As a finance business manager, you’re awake that your work sector is constantly on the frontlines of the danger battleground. While your association, like other companies in financial services, may be more complex in your security and compliance stance compared to other verticals,

you persist in facing noteworthy and growing risks from a variety of threat adversaries, including financially motivated hackers.



Cyber criminals are continuously changing their strategies. Whether the attackers are using phishing or DDoS attacks, Kratikal's data security safeguards and facilitate financial institutions to guard their sensitive information into diminishing fraud. This assist you offer appropriate, online services for your customers without the hazard of losing their trust.


Kratikal complies with multiple compliance standards and has a "security first" approach to compliance, that can assist you to get ahead of growing risks and values. Kratikal helps your business adopt an updated and strategic approach to compliance management.


While the risk posed by outside attackers tends to control the headlines, the threat of sinful insiders or malicious employees walking out with responsive data can be just as disconcerting. Kratikal can supervise networks and systems for signs of anomalies and make sure that sensitive data stays safe. In addition, we can instruct your employees on safe computing training to ensure secure development.


Through our platform, you can more efficiently supervise your security program. In addition, you can centrally automate and supervise controls, policies, and procedures across multiple compliance frameworks.

How We Do

How We Do

Kratikal helps you assemble your compliance obligations and achieve an understanding of your introduction to bullying and vulnerabilities, through risk identification and risk mitigation prioritization for your key assets and systems, policies, procedures, and controls across your organization. Our cloud-based Security Awareness Education gives your organization the tools they need to help protect your data from cyber security threats. It instructs your employees and contractors to understand the threat of social engineering and follow best practices for security, including password management and the safe use of the web and social media tools.


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